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“First, it never came to my mind that I have to share this with her (my daughter). I never think she is prepared for this kind of situation. My next question is, is she ready to talk about these things? ”

                                                                    Yenna, mother of a 6-year old

“Other games used in therapy after abuse has taken place exist, but there are not many options that help prevent abuse from happening.”

                                             Deona, Social Worker

Like Yenna, many parents feel that they are not ready to talk about these topics because they want to maintain their kid's innocence. Furthermore, they think these topics are always addressed at school, therefore they don’t feel they need to introduce them at home.

Reach the Beach is a board game with a storytelling component that serves as a communication tool for teachers and parents to talk to children about appropriate and safe interactions with people.



Our aim is to prevent unhealthy interactions that can lead to various forms of mental and physical abuse.

Reach the Beach is still in development, but our biggest win so far is seeing how adults who tested the game gained new perspectives and learnings about the topic after playing only once.


The situations presented in the game prompt guardians to reflect on previous experiences and interactions. The conversational aspect of the game allows guardians to better understand kids' interpretation of their surroundings and their behavior.


The game gets them to reflect on how to better guide their kids in the future to ensure healthier relationships and to prevent them from becoming targets of abuse.



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